Sunday, January 11, 2009

Falling through the gap...

I finished school in 2005, which makes me feel rather old, because it's my ten year primary school reunion this year. Well the reunion that has yet to be organised and nobody will probably organise it except that I've dropped LOADS of clever hints to primary school people I'm still friendly/in touch with. You know like 'Oh so have you heard anything more about this reunion yet? I heard it's in "name of pub"', that way it sounds like someone has been organising something but secretly nobody has. It's kind of like me passing the buck, except I never had the buck to begin with. I don't want the buck!

Anyway, all that aside, I'm getting old. Well, not old as such, but not any younger. Except that I look so freakishly young, that I'm able to pass as a 16 year old still. But that's not the point either. So I graduated school in 2005 and along with all my friends started college into either 3 or 4 year degree courses. Except about two months in, I took a detour to hospital and skip the long story which has been told a Brazillion times before, I ended up restarting college two years later.

My best friends are ones I went to school with and our group has, so far, survived the leaving school goodbye and we keep in touch really well. But those friends all went and did the travelling things at all the proper stages. The year I had my transplant, some of them went interrailing. The year I was recovering and not allowed back to college, half went to live in America for the summer, and the others went travelling through Asia. Then last year I got to do interrailing with the girls who hadn't been before and it was definitely fun. But it also marked the end of the student travelling and having fun life as most of them knew it.

My two best friends are working (in a proper grown up job) and studying for a Masters (hello!!! Yikes). My other...'options as travel buddies' (it's easier then going through how I know each person specifically) are also either Master studying or working or on placement.

My friends who I'm in college with are all working through the summer to earn money, which I totally respect them for I might add.

But it kind of means I have fallen through the gap. The girls are past the stage of travelling and road tripping and the next stage for them (possibly in a year or two) will be Australia. And then they will be proper, officially, scarily grown up. The college group aren't (this year, anyway) organised enough to go travelling.

So where does that leave me? Well I did a lot of research and thinking and researching and thinking and discussing and option analysing and I found what would be a great solution. As long as I can pass a friggin' medical. Me. A medical.

Excuse me while I get sick from laughing.

Actually, laughing aside, I'm pretty sure I would do great in a physical medical - my heart/blood pressure/pulse are definitely all perfect. My sight is pretty perfect too, I'm not even colourblind (I hope everyone loves my new red font by the way)! BUT, if medical history counts for anything, well...the problem may be that the doctor runs out of ink before he's finished writing it all down so thus the medical will be deemed incomplete.

But we'll have to see. It's not like I'm trying out for the army or anything. The mystery will be revealed if I don't pass out while they try to get blood from me during my medical anyway. But, I guess what I'm trying to say is that if we sit around waiting for the ideal time to come our way and for it to present us with the ideal opportunity on a plate then we could be waiting for a while. And that in my case anyway, life is about seeking out and stepping outside the comfort zone if you want to see what life can really offer you.