Thursday, January 15, 2009


Pre-warning: This blog is about nothing.

I got my flu jab. Apparently I'm the only one who calls them 'jabs'. I was told that next year I should get it in October and not leave it so late. Which is a fair point. In my case, this has been the first opportunity to receive it as you have to be well or....something. And every time I asked I was told to wait. Which is a fair point too.

So it's Thursday already and I've got a list the length of my arm of things I have to do. I feel accomplished a lot this week and yet still feel there's a mountain to climb with getting on top of everything.

I have my full, 9-6pm day tomorrow, followed by babysitting. I have a job interview of sorts next weekend so I will be spending the time leading up to that organising/getting that dreaded medical, a background check...gulp - I'm praying I don't do something awful with my car between now and then, or insult a policeman...and going over application forms, smiling for passport pictures and hunting down my references. It's quite a fun process really. I just hope something comes out of it all.

Oh actually, something already has- I signed up for my 10 week first aid course! I think everyone should have some sort of basic training anyway and we had a few sessions in school but I've never been certified with anything. And I was in school a million years ago. But because I want it to look good on my CV and application forms to (be able to) save lives, it if nothing comes from any of my plans for the summer, I'll be a bit more educated on how to give the kiss of life!