Sunday, January 18, 2009


As I think I mentioned before, this past week has been totally and utterly mental. Starting this week however, I will get Wednesdays off. I will therefore, from now on, view these as my sleep in until stupid o'clock study days.

I still managed to find time to go out both nights this weekend which was great. Although on Friday, having eaten a whole pizza, two kit-kats and 3/4 tub of ice-cream, I seemed to develop a head cold over the space of a few hours. Just very sinus-ey and sneezy. But I don't know if that could be from the ice-cream- the dairy causing me problems. I mean I've never had a cold develop over the course of about two hours like that, but I suppose it can happen!...can't it?

But there's about two weeks or so left of January and then I can offically say I've had a good start to the year :)

I have a very, very long list of people to call this week ranging from the insurance companies to booking my surgery (again) to former employers. So it will be slightly less manic but mental all the same. With a Wedensday off to break up the week :)