Sunday, February 15, 2009

My Midterm

I'm on mid-term. I get a week off to whatever I like with. We were all warned not to go away, but rather to spend the week stuying....and....something else. As I was browsing Ryanair for cheap deals at the time, I missed the rest of what was said.

As it happens, tomorrow I have an appointment with my consultant who will be performing or overseeing my surgery whenever I get a date. I hope I get a date in March sometime, even if it means missing a few days of college.

On Tuesday I have regular clinic. Apart from waking up with standard cold related sore throat this weekend, I'm still feeling very clear and will be relieved to see my lung function return back up from its *slight* fall the last time.

I've also managed to put on about 6kg/13ish pounds/about a stone since my last admission in November. I was told back then to start drinking those high calorie (600 per drink) drinks. Of course I smiled and said enthusiastically "Oh great, I'll definitely try and fit in one a day" as I skipped off to collect 3 boxes of the stuff. So yes, that lasted two days. To be honest, I much prefer real food. And if ever I need to keep a door open, I have three door stoppers at the ready. Anyway, having not changed my diet in any way since last year, I seem to be piling on the pounds again. I think there is some correlation between the decrease/disappearance in my cough and the putting on of the weight.

We shall see...