Monday, February 16, 2009

Hospital Politics

The hospital I attended prior to my transplant has a public building and a private building. I am fortunate in that I have private health insurance which *should* permit me care in the private hospital except that my CF team aren't insured to work in the private hospital, only the public one. So if I were to be admitted for a nasty chest infection, I would only see the drip bag - no physio, no dietitian, no diabetes nurse, no CF nurse, no doctors (except the Consultant I'm assuming) so basically it wasn't allowed.

If the public hospital wasn't so atrocious facility wise (CF patients all sharing rooms except for the two private rooms on the ward, which didn't have en suites) I wouldn't have cared. But c'est la vie.

Anyway, I have to have this surgical procedure done soon and so requested to have it done privately. I don't need to see the CF team so it really shouldn't be a problem. Until it became a problem.

I was told today that they had another CF patient (not transplant as I understand) who got into trouble (I don't know if that's healthwise or because of what happened after), ran up a bill and the bill never got paid. So they don't like CF patients in their private neck of the woods.


If they had substituted the words 'CF patient' with 'Black patient' they could be in a lot of a trouble.

While they're at it they could probably warn the banks not to issue people with CF credit cards either because they (tarring them all with the one brush here) probably wouldn't pay those bills either.

I still can't decide if I should be offended or not. I think I should be? Anyway, I now wait another two weeks while they try and sort through the tape. But fingers crossed I should be fine!