Thursday, February 19, 2009


I know you're looking at the waffle above with the whipped cream, fake fruit stuff, chocolate powder, golden syrup and a lifetime's stock of sugar. But no, look just behind, at the empty bowl which previously contained my cereal for breakfast. Yes, I discovered the waffle making machine after I ate you see. And then I ate my creation. I think therein lies my mental problem which explains the following post:

I had immensely bad heartburn yesterday. Worse than pregnancy heartburn. I don't even know if pregnancy heartburn is bad but this had to be worse. I actually looked about 5 months pregnant for the record. I went to the cinema and saw He's Just Not That Into You, which is quite good, but I silently burped about once a minute (sometimes more) which was very uncomfortable. Have you ever burped once a minute for a good two hours? Don't. Actually I kind of suppressed all the burping which possibly made it uncomfortable.

So last night I slept sitting up as I was afraid of reflux aspiration (a complication I'm at risk of) and woke up this morning looking my skinny self again. Phew! I was wide awake by nine but my body wouldn't let me out of the bed. So basically I read and got up at 2pm. Ha. I honestly think my body was wrecked though.

I'm positive it was all a result of greed. I felt myself getting heartburn early yesterday but ohhhhhhh no, I just had to go eat that packet of Doritos, those two bags of microwave popcorn, allllll those chocolate bars, that share size bag of salted nachos, that bottle of diet coke, as well as my normal meals. And the rest. So yes, it's totally my fault.

To counteract the unproductive morning, I went to college and got assignment work done. And then I went to my first aid class and then I babysat. And I even came here. See, I'm not feeling guilty at all and trying to overcompensate for it. What a silly suggestion.