Saturday, January 03, 2009

The Last Weekend...

...Before I head back to college. I'm pretty excited that I only have 5 months left, which in all context is very little. And then I'm officially half way through my degree! Next year is when the really hard work begins, but I'll be pleased to get this year behind me. I got some college catch up work done the last couple of days (which is a first for me, considering I need a deadline with a cattle prod over my head to convince me to do work). I really, really, reallllly need to catch up on a lot of work I've missed so far this year, and the thought of sitting repeat exams at the end of the summer is definitely not an appealing one.

At the same point, I'm going to (hopefully) get a bit of work covered tomorrow, and then go down the country for the last of my Christmas break. In fact, if I time it right, I should be back up to Dublin within 15 minutes of my lecture- talk about getting the most out of my break!

Unfortunately - and I worry about how often I use that word in blogs these days - that cold (which despite still feeling really strong despite-can I say 'despite' twice like that?) seems to have travelled a bit. I seem to be experiencing asthmatic symptoms - wheeze, etc- but there is an undeniable rattle in my breathing at the moment.

I'm off to clinic this week anyway, so as I say, considering I feel otherwise great, it will be down to lung function tests to determine treatment. Let's hope *this* year will be the first year in history of having no IVs, but if I have to have them, then so be it. I'd rather be healthy and fixed than be breathlessly trying to make the point that I didn't need IVs in 2009 after all!

Besides, if I were Chinese, I would have until the 26th of January before the new year began.

And anyone will tell you, I've always been a fan of Chinese!

But what do they call their good china in China one wonders...