Friday, December 05, 2008

REAL Improvements

I last posted on Tuesday saying how I felt that things were improving. So on Wednesday I moved back to taking just paracetamol. Whoah, I was wrong. Turns out the 'improvements' were merely the symptoms being covered up by taking so many Tylex tablets.

Yesterday, however, I felt I'd have to just put up with the pain as the side-effects from taking Tylex began to outweigh the benefits. They're rather sickening on the stomach.

As it happened, today overall was a much better day. The pain has decreased a great deal, and while I've moved to taking Solpadeine (which has paracetamol and codeine in it, but is available over the counter) I'm confident this is genuine progress.

Of course, with it being me, there IS always something. That 'something' being that my CRP (infection markers - should ideally be 0) were 25 last week. Luckily, on no treatment, they're down to 16 today. IV antibiotics were discussed in a spontaneous clinic visit today. But it's Friday, I don't do little cannula lines so really they were a no go. I took a combination of strong oral antibiotics instead.

My sister, however (normally perfectly healthy, no attention seeking illnesses or ailments for that one) has something along the lines of suspected mumps. I've been told to stay away from her, which to be honest isn't a big deal. However she's planted herself in the main TV room these past few days so that confines me to the other end of the house where there isn't too much to do. I'm beginning to wonder if it's a coincidence I'm suddenly improving!