Tuesday, December 02, 2008


Today I collected my Heparin injections from the pharmacy and administered my second shot. It was a bit nerve wrecking but I did it with minimal fuss. I worked out that three months' treatment equates to 93 shots. So far I've given two. So I have 91 left. In the grand scheme of things, that's not too many (imagine if I had to take it for a year!).

I'm finding today the pain is a bit less than it was yesterday. I'm don't feel the need of urgency to sit down after a couple of minutes of being up, and rather when the pain sets in, I'm able to stretch a little bit. There's still a good deal of discomfort but I'm seeing it begin to lessen (I think/hope). This morning I took two Tylex tablets which is more than I had yesterday. I had been warned about drowsiness, but I survived my 9am-11am class grand, but I was very distracted and then sleepy by about 1pm. But that could be because missus over here isn't overly used to 9am starts. Or it could be the drowsy tablets either.

So this is a bit of a nothing post really. I'm going to go work on assignments after my nap, imagine that, maybe I'm sicker than I thought!