Saturday, December 20, 2008

Home Again

My trip to Rhode Island was fantastic fun and to say I had a fabulous time with my super cousins would be an understatement. It's a shame that family live so far away, but I suppose it makes one appreciate it when one does get to see them :) Now, if I could just get a flight over to see my other cousins in England *then* all would be perfect.

I left for America last Friday and took two paracetamol tablets before my flight. I was very aware of my leg (what a weird thing to say) in the Airport and had the painkillers on the ready if I needed them. Amazingly though, I haven't had to take any pain relief since that Friday morning- bizarre!

I also finished up my antibiotics the day before my flight and feel super well now, which is great. Of course the fact that I had beautifully healthy meals cooked for me while I was away probably helped too!

I got a good dose of shopping in whilst away too and picked up some great things for the cold weather. I was going to shopping today since I'm up and ready and it's only lunchtime, but then I remembered it's a Saturday and the Saturday before Christmas at that. So maybe another time...

I'm a little bit yawny from my trip home but overall the whole jet lag thing seems to have passed over me once again.

I may stay in tonight and watch a film since we now have Sky Movies (how long was I away?). My sister is now home from hospital, no longer contagious, but still very, very weak (in my opinion), so maybe we'll watch a film together. And argue. It depends how much better she feels.