Friday, September 19, 2008

Weekend :)

This morning I finished my IVs and went over to the hospital to have the line removed and have bloods taken. There was no traffic at ALL and I flew across the city. It would appear all the cars seemed to be stuffed into the Hospital car park however as it was full. I parked on the street and was in and out in an hour so it made no difference.

Today marked the end of my first week back to college. It was a tiring week but I think most of that stems from the IVs. Hopefully with a quiet weekend full of rest and lounging in front of the TV, I'll be ready to go on Monday.

I got around to doing my stationary shopping today (my all time favourite geeky thing to do), and will do my clothes shopping for the year next week. I got fabulous new wardrobes built in my room last week and in my opinion they are far too bare. The fact that they are very big has absolutely NO impact on this at all.