Saturday, May 10, 2008


Yesterday I went to the hospital to get my cannula (line that goes in to attach drip to) inserted and begin my 7 day course of IVs (Meropenum and Ceftazidime three times a day for those with medicy speaky). The doctor (one whom I didn't have much time for before, but was actually good today) searched for a vein (read: Didn't go looking for the worst vein, or a mediocre vein which might/might not stay up: but the best vein with the best chance of working) to insert the line into.

After much a treasure hunting, he found one in the side of my arm, half way up. We went with a blue needle (smallest size I think) and it was really promising. He got blood and it flushed with water well. It tingled a little bit but it was good.

I was then handed a GIGANTIC bag of paraphernalia and sent on my way with instructions on how to make up the potions and how to give them, seeing as I didn't get my first dose in hospital.

So I got home, the area was a little bit sore but again it was OK. I decided to wait until 4pm to do my first dose (making it midnight for the second, being a good 8 hours). When I went to make everything up, I did it well and highly hygienically and sterile-lly. But then I couldn't attach anything because of the angle of the line (needed two hands, so kind of like trying to lick your elbow antics).

Mum came home and put it in, and two MILS after my 10mil flush of water it burned. And stung. And was impossible. I said this can't be happening- I haven't even had any drugs yet. I told my Mum to leave the room as she was watching me intently. So she did. And I tried again. And I just couldn't take the pain. So I cried and bawled. I knew that if I couldn't get 3mils of a flush in, there was no way I could tolerate 20mils of Ceftaz being pushed in either (one that *can* sting even when everything is fine).

So Mum came back and we attached extra tubing on and tried to see if it would make a difference but it didn't. So I took the cannula out. As I was taking it out slowly, there was one point where it seemed to connect with the vein, making it bleed, which makes me wonder if it just needed adjustment. But I wasn't a medical person who was able to judge that and I wasn't going to start pushing more fluid in to a line that was now half pulled out.

So I got no drugs. I'm taking the weekend off and going in on Monday to try a picc/long line instead. These didn't work when I was younger but they may well do so now. In the meantime, feeling a LOT cheerier than yesterday afternoon, I'm going to enjoy this free weekend.