Friday, May 02, 2008

Rest Day

I got my Delilah back even though I didn't want her back, ugh. *MUCH* prefer my rental car. Suppose there are perks to being knocked into.

And today was a day of rest. Also on a side note, but does anyone else find DVDs, no matter what the topic, impossibly difficult to stay awake to/for?? I fell asleep during Miss Congeniality tonight, I've fallen asleep during DreamGirls (have the soundtrack so would actually like to watch that someday) and also managed to sleep right the way through Sweeney Todd (don't think I'll bother with that one again though...) which I "saw" in the Cinema!!! Bah I don't know...

Tomorrow I will start some form of study that does not involve checking emails, checking Bebo/Facebook, chatting to peoples on msn ALL day or browsing holidays.

Or maybe I'll attempt sorting out my room.

No, NO, mussst study!

Actually I've so many bad options for tomorrow I can't decide which is worse...