Saturday, May 03, 2008

Rest Day # 2

Hot day today, yay. I went to college to change my access password so I could then access material from home.

I decided that copying out notes/playgerising other people's work (I'm sure they're long dead anyway)/ reading slide-shows beat sorting my room out.

I did have a gander at the variety of clothes I own (or total lack thereof) and decided that a shopping spree is now essential. But then I remembered I'm going stateside in 10 weeks time so I browsed some of my FAVOURITE American clothes shops' websites instead.

In 2006, I weighed as light as a feather. In 2007, my body got totally confused by the sudden tonnes of food which it began receiving per day and the weight went primarily on my tummy. With a bit of gym-ness and regulation training toward the end of 2007 and ever since, my body seems to be FINALLY moulding into some sort of shape.

Hence the reason why I have no clothes. Because nothing looked good. But now it might. Hence the new shopping-ness.

Can't ever beat trackie bottoms and big hoodies all the same though. So despite my new sparkling American wardrobe which will soon stand in my bedroom, I shall continue to try my best to look like a hobo. Or as my mom says about people 'someone on the way to the recycling bin'. So cruel.