Thursday, May 01, 2008

3 Down, 2 To Go

Way-hey, half way through. This is the first time I've had to drink some of my Coke (which actually is full to the brim with all my notes and answers that I can cheat with...oh but shush...). I don't know if I was actually having a hypo, but I couldn't think straight so took some anyway.

This one was psychology, which to date has been my best subject, so much so that I've already manged to pass the year having not done the exam. At the same time however, I like to do well, and so wanted to keep my grade point average up high so I did study. Six questions came up and we had to do answer three (three essays). I basically wrote and rewrote essays as part of my study process for two topics. I could have studied four (or six for that matter) but gambled and only studied three hoping those three would come up. Unfortunately only two came up, however the essays I wrote were very comprehensive, well rehearsed and contained referencing: everything I could do in order to get as high a mark as I could.

With regard to the third question, I decided I could waffle a little bit on some information and make it sound bit....bull. But instead I figured I would only get a handful of marks for that so I just went and made my other two essays as good as I could and drew some sort of spider gram for my third hoping I'd get some marks.

I'm relieved because I know I've passed but also because it's my last exam until Tuesday. It's unreal having the summer so close but sad in a way because all my 'old' (and I mean that literally, because they are actually ancient as I started school young) friends are now going to be finished college forever which means they're not allowed be immature like me anymore. Crikey!

Tomorrow I do NOT get a lie in as I have to return the rental car I've been buzzing about in. Delilah and myself are being reunited. To be honest I don't want her back having had my rental but at least she isn't banged up in an embarrassing fashion anymore.