Thursday, May 22, 2008

Last Dose

I'm about to clock on my last set of infusion pumps with the aim of being told I'm finished tomorrow morning at clinic. I might take a dose tomorrow morning on the way to clinic but probably won't.

I've come to the point where I feel I've reached the optimum results from these IVs. While my chest has improved, the side effects of the drugs have really taken their toll these past couple of days. I suppose putting something which smells like cats' wee (that's actually a FACT not an opinion!) into oneself three times a day when I've been so fortunate not to need to do this regularly for nearly two years has just been a bit much for me to handle. It harks back to the fact which I find amazing: that the body has the ability to adapt so well to something, such as taking IVs pretty much full time for nearly three years (excluding the regular IVs the 15 years before that), as I don't recall ever having much stomach illness while on them before.

I haven't much of an appetite since the weekend, my mouth is in bits from one thing and another, and last night I actually got sick. Getting sick when you've had a transplant is a strange experience as so many of the nerves in the chest-ish area are now gone and so there's no real gag reflux as such; and there's no real 'feeling' of 'OMGOSH I'm going to be sick!'. It just...happens.

I hope to have the weekend to recuperate and rest as if I'm honest, I really didn't do enough 'resting' whilst I was on these antibiotics. My slaves should have done their job better really.

Hopefully this will be the last course of IVs I'll ever really need. Hope all are well! x