Saturday, May 24, 2008


I went shopping today with my Mom. She was busy getting my stuff in different sizes because I am so awkward and every shop has different sizes. Interestingly I found my shape is much more balanced at the moment (as opposed to my size 6 waist and 10-12 top which used to be the case last year- eeek). And this is despite having lost 4kg (over 8 pounds) in the last 10days- spectacular.

So she's busy buzzing about. Then she makes a turn around the aisle too soon and bumps into a woman. She notices the woman carrying blouses, and she immediately apologises. It turns out she had walked into the mirror.

I think I need to watch her from now on.

The PICC line has been pulled out which is great. It was probably as long as from my hand to my shoulder, so realllllly long. They used it to get bloods first though and drew 20mls, as I just sat there, arm relaxed and chatting. I don't think that will ever happen again soon. My lung functions are at 98% (still can't get that extra tiny 2% to reach the 100 mark yet!!!) so fingers crossed that's it with the IVs.

I think the doctor was trying to make me feel better about myself, but he did say that he's telling all the CF people who come to clinic now (pre transplant) that they are to expect to have IVs at some stage post transplant, that that doesn't finish. They won't need them all the time like before, but they may need them once every while. I think in the same way that I believe all people with CF should be warned that waking up after a lung transplant does not give the immediate feeling of 'I can BREATHE!'. You notice it more in action, by way of talking and walking, but I found it very worrying when I wasn't suddenly able to take a 'magical' breath.

Anyway as I say I do believe he was trying to console me as I'm the only one I know who's needed IVs post transplant, but he has a point that sometimes if you want to get decades out of new lungs, then that all comes with the price tag. Either way, I'm happy. :-)