Monday, May 19, 2008

G'day Steo!

...Who is in Australia.

I had a bit of an emergency at the weekend when I realised that I was seriously short of bits and bobs for my IVs. Typically it would be that I discovered this on Saturday evening. I rang the hospital to see if I could have my antibiotic more concentrated as I didn't have enough mixers (saline) to put it into. They couldn't tell me, so about 6 or 7 phone calls I got the go ahead that I could do that.

This morning I went across and got my dressing changed and I got to see the line for the first time. It's a lot thicker than I thought, but they kindly put a 'window' dressing on so I can watch it all I like now. It's a bit throbby since, probably since it's been touched but it's a lot prettier looking, although not quite the 'latest fashion' yet I don't think.

The good news is I'm set to finish the course on Friday (as I'll be unable to give IVs realistically from Monday for work reasons) but the bad news is that it's been hinted that the line will stay in place after this. I have NO veins for blood and it's been mentioned that in case I need more treatment in a few WEEKS time, it'll make things easier.

I've had a very sore throat (to swallow) since yesterday so maybe that's a good decision to leave an accessible vein, accessible. Other than that I'm in slow motion flying form!

Steo: the 'stamping the foot' mechanism was an involuntary twitch I used to have actually, which manifested itself when I was annoyed. Granny's magic sock thing was pretty cool too. For everyone else: this is the Granny whom I used to cheat at cards when playing against, taking advantage of her slight memory loss at the time. I was a good child really and my tactics were highly ingenious!