Monday, May 05, 2008

The Final Stretch

Ahhhhhh! Tomorrow is my second last exam! Yikeys and crikeys!

It is still incredibly hot here. This evening I'm finding myself with warm cheeks. I checked my temperature and it tells me it's 37.2. I get the other thermometer and it reads 37. I can't tell if that's because it's hot outside and my body is trying to adjust to the sudden burst of heat or if there's something wrong.

An evaluation of my other symptoms suggest I'm fine. Except that I've been bringing up pure not nice stuff from my lungs for about a week.... but yet, I don't feel unwell.

So why all the kerfuffle? Well, post transplant, you are required to check your temperature twice a day as having a temperature is a SERIOUS sign of something not right and must be acted upon immediately. I rooted out my old 'red book' for instructions and it says over 37, one must take paracetamol and read again in two hours.

I do *not* like having my body act in such a funny manner. Hopefully everything is fine, and the pesky weather is to blame.

I realised that I never mentioned my fellow bloggee, Jac, who only ten days ago received her lung transplant. Two years waiting and all. She's recovering really well at the same hospital I was seen at. Pop on over and wish her well!