Tuesday, May 06, 2008

4 Down, 1 To Go With a Bump In the Road...

Eeeek. Well to say it "seems only fitting" would make it out to be a positive thing, but I shall be ending this academic year as I started: on IVs. :(

Having posted last night, I checked my temperature this morning and it was from about 36.8-37. For a normal person, about right, but for me, ideally a twitch too high- especially when I have "not-so-nice-stuff" in my lungs.

I had an exam at 2pm but decided to give the clinic a buzz this morning and ask them if it could be weather related. They said, no, the sun didn't do it. So I had to go over.

Now imagine the scenario where you haven't studied and had banked on 4 straight hours cramming before an exam which are now required to be spent in a hospital. So I declined their offer to come over.

And then I felt bad.

So me and my mom scooted across. I had the laptop on my lap reading notes and I got seen by the head man himself. Bloods were taken, and despite good SATs readings (98%/85bpm) he wasn't happy that I've been having this 'grumbling infection' for over a month which isn't normal.

I told him I had an exam on Thursday so I'm to go in for prodding maximus, to find a vein and begin treatment on Friday. My class party is on Friday. Talk about frustrating. Now that I can drink again (see previous reactions) I had been looking forward to having one or two on Friday, but not on antibiotics which is a real bummer. And *yes* I can enjoy myself without getting sloshed, but it's just frustrating.

Doc said 7-10days of antibiotics. I'd say with my veins that will be 7days. Which means I'll be finished in time for the others to finish their exams so I'll just bandwagon their celebrations I think...