Monday, May 05, 2008


I do realise that all these posts indicate a high level of non-study but going through my old email account I found an email from someone telling me my guestbook blocked them out from posting.

I swear this was purely accidental.

I discovered I had accidentally blocked out pretty much all of northern Europe from posting anything: whoooops!

Anyway it's all fixed now. And my email address has changed, should you have queries about the ker-waffle I post here.

I bet you're all going to rush to the guestbook now and have a goo. Not that I'm pushing or hinting you to or anything. At all. No subtle hints here, no sir-eee! It's not like I need distracting or anything, nope! Or crave a comment. In the guestbook. To the right. Heck, no!!

But I'm watching you.