Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Baddy Wednesday

I'm still in the swing of my Easter holidays, although today was my first productive day. I actually opened up a word document this morning to begin a report due next week. It doesn't matter if it's still blank (except for when I was checking how to spell words throughout the day), the point is it's PROGRESS!!! Tomorrow, we type.

I learned today that my Tacrolimus levels (Tacrolimus being the immuno suppressant / anti-rejection medication/tablets I take) were actually HIGH last week! For those in the know, the score was 15.something. Which means I need to take less of that for the first time in a year. It's weird because it's not good to have abnormal levels, but at the same time my body is saying I'm getting too much immuno-suppressingness. So down the dose we go. Whoop?

And then the drama of my life, like ever (see title!) happened this evening. I was driving. I had stopped whilst waiting to turn right. I had the music in my car up, not at an exceptional level but some rock beat tune was bopping away all the same. I hear a sound and in two seconds my mind thinks the following:

Sounds like a car's brakes screeching
(Looking at radio) Oh no, it's just that song
(Look in mirror) Oh, that person's going fast behind me
Oh Gawd, they're gonna smack me
What's this gonna be like...

Followed by:


Now two things freak me out about this whole thing.

1. The accident wasn't that bad, but at the same time, the split second before it happened, I knew it was going to happen. I was dreading the sound of when she was going to hit and yet I couldn't move or react. So if it had been a terrible crash (we're talking fatal here - which I feel obligated to point out - it was NOWHERE NEAR), I would have known it was coming, that would have been my last thought. Freaky.

2. Although it happened on a bend on a hill, it wasn't like she didn't see me or was going too fast. She was in fact a learner and we heard the brakes going which meant either her brakes didn't work or her tyres had no grip. Either way, I was half way down the hill, had I NOT been there, she could have kept on going down that hill, gathering speed, and the accident would have occurred when she reached the crossroads which one doesn't even want to think about! Now I'm not calling myself a martyr (oh who are we kidding!!!!), but it could have been a lot worse.

The noise of the bang was terrible. It lasted a second and the glittering silence afterwards was a relief. Me and my sister had been arguing just before and as it happened (hardly surprising), so it almost had a 'Home&Away' feel to it really (although I wasn't fiddling around on the floor looking for a tape and consequently didn't end up in a river and nearly drown which has been known to happen down on the bay), but we did hug afterwards. The most important thing was that everyone was OK. There was actually hardly any damage except for the hole in my back bumper thing which although will be a price to fix, considering the impact is actually pretty miraculous.

I felt TERRIBLE for the poor girl who did it though, I really did. She was just so shook by it all and there was nothing I could say except to reassure her I was fine. I know if I was in that position though I'd be the same. I even feel so bad for her now. I'm going to text her tomorrow to check she's OK because yikes it's awful to see someone in that state.

So we'll call this Baddy Wednesday, and hope that it won't happen again. Ever. Touch wood and appreciate life.