Friday, March 21, 2008

Goody Friday

I'm off my antibiotics at last and have been given a bill of good health (touch wood, bang head etc). My only problem (yes, I can't resist being centre of attention) is that my second belly button- the site where my feeding tube was removed last year- has been acting up and my Mum, who has been pestering me to mention it to my team for ages, told me to "REMIN.THM.A.BOUT.TUMMY.THING" (she's not used to texting off the house phone) yesterday which I did. I thought they'd tell me it's fine and normal, but in fact they've ordered an ultra sound, followed by a CT scan with contrast if the ultra sound shows abnormalities. Goodness! I probably should have told them about this a while ago...

And then I slept yesterday for a total of 17 hours (go me!) and I hope that's my 'jet lag' from Switzerland dealt with!

Switzerland was fantastic, I had SUCH an amazing time. Admittedly I should have either had more lessons before I went or just not bothered forking out for lessons at all as they didn't do me much good. Luckily my 'kinda' cousin who has skied down volcanoes in Russia (!!!!!) helped me out a great deal and I got the hang of parallel turning (which I swear I knew how to do last year) on the last day. I'm going to keep going skiing somewhere every year until I get the hang of the bugger as I hate not being good at something that I try. Except for snowboarding - the concussion taught me that.

I was a bit of a drama queen the first day when I fell as I heard the ski binding snap and immediately thought I'd done something, at which point my head screamed "altitude, altitude, don't panic!" at which point I panicked internally. And then when I started skiing again, I couldn't catch my breath properly and my legs hurt and all that was missing were the violins.

And then the next morning my knee was so stiff it kept twinging when I moved, which meant I couldn't even go skiing that morning and my Mum thought it was because of the 'fright' I got the day before. Which it wasn't! And I might add here that I am convinced I have some sort of joint problem or Arthritis of some sort as lately my hip ACHES when I walk for a period of time, but that's for another doctor's appointment.

So I chanced it and went up to the slopes that afternoon and felt much better.

To thank my 'kinda' cousin who has skied on volcanoes, for all his help, we bought him a ridiculous green hat.

Verbier is an incredible place it must be said, and our "Woodland" family were so hospitable and kind and generous. I know there won't be enough space on my 'thank you' card!