Friday, March 28, 2008

Baddier Thursday...

Well so much for the 'okay -despite crash- car'. My prediction for what will go wrong next: Driving on road, feel a shift, four wheels separate and roll off in separate directions and steering wheel will come away in my hands. Tsk the hassle of it all!

A heap of other stuff this morning made for a sobering day. It's funny, sometimes we rely on the compasses life gave us so much, despite the fact that they never came with a guarantee that said 'life is predictable'. You make certain assumptions about yourself and about others and then, WHACK BAM, life intervenes. You think "wow, never saw that one coming in a million years, ever". And then you consider that other peoples' lives, as happy and content as the look, as care free as they seem all have problems too. And although you can never know what goes on in somebody else's mind, you hope that, for a time at least, they were genuinely as happy as what the world looking in saw.