Saturday, January 05, 2008

Have you been listening?

I'm going to make a quiz. Why? Well, one of the reasons why I keep this blog is because I for one am nosey and I like to read about what other people do. I assume I'm not alone so if being nosey, you can manage to learn something, isn't without meaning to? Therefore, a GOOD thing?

The aim of this blog is to write about me (well duh, I hope you've been listening THAT much at least!), but to highlight the positive results of what a transplant can bring while doing so (Do you carry a donor card?).

I have Cystic Fibrosis. Often if you have no association with a condition, generally your views may be misguided or just dusty, perhaps it was one of the things that 'Betty's niece's husband's nextdoor neighbour's.... dog had..once', or maybe you know/knew nothing about it at all. Hopefully this blog helps to dispel some myths and show that a life is actually possible despite this! And if you haven't noticed, then I take that as success as you've forgotten I even have it. Maybe not. I definitely would be classed as a 'doom and gloom' story, becoming rather ill, rather young, however as somebody once said "Life has no limitations, except the ones you set yourself".

So I will ask a question every day for the next week or so and will deliver the answer the next day. You don't have to answer 'out loud' or in the guestbook or anything. It's just a bit of...competitiveness fun!

The first (entirely unrelated to anything, but one I like):

Which is heavier, a tonne of feathers or a tonne of rocks? (I don't know if that should be 'ton')...