Friday, January 04, 2008

Gross Out Photos

*Warning* *Alarm Bells* *Sirens* Below are the long awaited, muchly anticipated, ever promised photos and images of the removal of my Mickey Button, Peg Tube, Gastrostomy Button, Feeding Tube which was taken away months ago. Those names are by the way all referring to the same thing. Although the official term would be 'Mickey Button' or 'Gastrostomy Feeding Tube' different people call it different things. So sue me!

I know they're not EVERYBODY's cup of tea (warning, put the tea away), but this is to be educational. If you're on dial-up there's a warning for you guys too. For those who are not familiar with MY history, I was tube fed for about 17 years. Then I got a transplant (did I ever mention that I've had a transplant?!) and miraculously I learned the art of sustaining life by eating food.

OK, so that's me lying on the bed discussing the method of removal. The dude's suggestion was for HIM to just WHIP it out!!! Ouch. No thanks. I told him I always changed them myself (with my Mom's help). He was a bit surprised. This picture is to give you an idea of size. I think I had one of the bigger (biggest) sized Mickey Buttons (18 French):

And the close up:

When I first had the Peg Tube inserted (when I was about 4 or 5) it was nearly above my belly button. I'm guessing 12 years can make these things move...The PEG tube is the long tube they insert first to create the hole. Back in the day, Mickeys didn't exist so I had the PEG for about 2 years first.

That's me taking out the water which holds the Button in place. Basically, when that tube comes out, what is left is a hole, that goes directly into my tummy. Scary. Hence the large amount of tissue ready to catch whatever might come out once the plug is...unplugged:

And that's him coming out. I mustn't have had a very big breakfast. I know, I really shouldn't make this any more disgusting than it already is.

Out! I don't know whether I'm smiling because I was saying to the Dude "See, I COULD do it, so ha" or because it was gone...

I still have it in a little jar. It was in my room until Christmas when we tidied my room. I hope my Mom hasn't thrown little Mike out.

I no longer have blonde hair.