Monday, December 03, 2007

Genetics et al

I've always been thoroughly interested in the area of genetics. One of our assignments due tomorrow is that of the nature versus nurture debate, which basically looks to see what influence genes have on us, and to what extent the environment affects us. We are looking at it from a psychological trait point of view. So we had to research a whole load of twin studies as identical twins share the same genes so they are invaluable when it comes to research. Hmmmm.

Luckily the group I'm in are like work horses so we already have ours finished. But despite this I still have four other Continual Assessments due in. Arggggg! Which means I really shouldn't be here typing...what can I say, I'm a procrastinator at heart.

Interestingly we get 10% of our final grade for attendance and considering that I have missed a total of TWO days this term due to illness (pesky cold!) it would look set that I can actually get me some of that! That's certainly a first, considering that since I was about 14 I've missed approximately a third or more (in sixth year, a HALF) of every school year (2nd year I missed 13 weeks!). I was almost going to question that since my body isn't used to being so busy, will it get tired out because it usually expects a break every two weeks. But then that's silly I think....because there's nothing wrong with my body...I don't think.

..Ahhhhh assignments! If you missed Saturday's post on cameras and you know a thing or two, please take a look and then drop me a line! Thanks!