Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Plod, Plod, Plod

I handed in two assignments today. I also had a Research & Statistics exam, yuck. My sugars have been high these last few days which I finally clocked was because of the stressful week. It's funny because that's never happened before...clearly I don't get stressed that often. During my hour long exam however, I managed to register a hypo. It was awful, because I got all confused. I had to keep focusing on the paper and try to ignore the low sugar. Typically I had no sugar source with me at ALL so had to just bare it out as leaving the class was NOT acceptable. Apart from the nuisance of it all, I don't think it affected my exam at all luckily. Sure I'll know for next time!

I also managed to run out of my anti-rejection tablets for the SECOND time. I'll have to get some tomorrow morning, so I won't miss a dose (took the last one tonight) - I'll just have to go into college a little late. No matter.

I'm off to set my two alarms and then to bed. My phone sometimes isn't annoying enough to wake me up so recently I've set my ipod on speakers to rise me. Ironically this morning it blasted out Boomtown Rat's "I don't like Mondays". I know it's Tuesday but that song fitted my mood perfectly! So at least I woke up with a smile!