Saturday, December 01, 2007

What I Want For Christmas (1)

Well since it's the first of December, I'm allowed to talk about Christmas... a little bit. When I worked in the pharmacy for a time I was paid in cash. Then someone who likes to do things according to the 'law' said she could organise it so it went straight into my account. Sounded great until I realised it would never all go there thanks to a three word known as TAX. Dang.

Anyway for a few months I got money into my hands and I used to bring it home (obviously!). I'd always stick the fifty notes aside in a little box for a rainy day. If they were in my purse, they'd get broken within a few days for something stupid like a packet of sweets and then before I knew it, it'd all be gone.

So my little box of fifties grew and grew and at one point I had a considerable sum in there. I decided that I really wanted to buy a SLR digital camera. The opposite of a Digital SLR cameras are the "point and shoot" cameras, which are the normal compact cameras that you'd bring on a night out and if you're anyone I know, you'd lose them. "Point-and-Shoot" basically means you simply turn on the camera and push a button to take a picture, as opposed to a Digital SLR camera, where you choose the lens you want to use.

So I kept an eye out for a nice camera. Occasionally I'd see one but then I'd wait again. They are rather expensive and big things to own so I wanted to make sure I was getting the right one. I figured since I was spending so much money, I'd splash and get something great like a Nikon something-or-other (D70 or the likes). I looked at a few Canons. Then I saw the Fuji Finepix S9600 which although wasn't actually a SLR, it was nice, but I sorta of wanted the SLR and I sorta wanted a reliable Nikon.

Anyway as I was making my mind up, someone who likes to do things according to the 'safetyness' discovered I had a rather chubby sum of money hiding somewhere and became rather alarmed. She suggested I put in the bank. Sounded great until I realised it would never all go there thanks to a two words known as ATM card and CREDIT card. *Sigh*

So my ideal Christmas present would be a nice deadly SLR digital camera. I'm the only one in my family who has half a clue about these things so unfortunately there's little hope of getting one as a surprise. If anyone knows anything about cameras, I'd be delighted if you could let me know your opinions (don't have to be on the cameras I've mentioned, just 'go in that direction' advice really!).