Friday, November 23, 2007


Nothing much new to report. My sugars caused me havoc over the last week, going from dangerous lows to extreme highs. I wasn't even detecting the lows (hypos) which made it particularly dangerous as I could have simply passed out without warning. Not only that, but I drove to college with on a mere 2.8 (normal is 4+...and collapsible level can be below 3), which would have brought a whole new, spectacular meaning to the word 'diabetic crash'. Considering my Mum's face when I told her I drove on a flat tyre, I decided to keep that little 'whoopsie' from her...otherwise I might have been tempted to fit a football into her 'o' shaped mouth. Anyway, I'm not sure what the definition of 'fun' is, but I'm almost certain it's not that.

I think I manged to cut out what it was that was causing my problems. I'm finding my sugars still high but not so bad.

So apart from my stomach turning into an acid furnis (furnus??) this morning I'm keeping well. The heart burn isn't so bad apart from the....'breeze', but that's easily explained on the boy I sit beside. My acting skills are quite good so I'm able to convey a sense of confusion, followed by a 'omg...does anyone else get that smell' followed by a few accusing glances his way. Attack is the best form of defense after all!