Monday, November 19, 2007

My last few posts have gone on the wrong days and no I haven't invented a time machine Karen!!! I just have been tired lately and couldn't be bothered changing them. Blah.

Apart from working on cancelled presentations, last week also saw me make a website entirely html coded. That means if you want your word in italics, you say the < i> word < /i>. And if you want a whole website, that means putting in a whole bunch of codes like that. Ewwwwwww. In fact to say I made a website is a slight was more a black page with a picture and some colourful writing on it. Hey we all have to start somewhere!

I learned to snowboard on Tuesday night last. That was tiring but fun too. He (instructor dude) started by telling us we all have a foot that leads, your right or your left. There's no wrong foot to lead with. If you lead with your right, you're a 'Regular'. If you lead with your left, you're 'Goofy'. Definitely no wrong answer there then!

It was trés difficult, but then it was the first lesson, and my first skiing lessons were just as tough I'm sure. A bit of practise and I'll be hurling myself down mountains in no time. Besides I LOVE learning new things and it's really fun too...

This weekend was a friend's Winter Wonderland themed 21st birthday party- whooop whooop! I learned that I probably need creon if I'm having so much Bulmers again though. Creon is used to digest fat, so considering I had none that night, it was like swallowing two pints of olive oil. My body is still complaining. Then yesterday my blood sugars went from 3 to 19 to 3.5 to 20. Not enough sugar and then too much sugar, talk about swinging like a yoyo, it was an awful feeling.

But then yesterday I ran up and down and then up the stairs again resulting in me needing to catch my breath. It wasn't like 'old' breathlessness though; this was so healthy. When I took a deep breath, I could feel all the air travelling to the deepest nooks and crannies in my lungs, instead of getting caught in the back of my throat like it used to do. Now saying that, if I could *just* work on my memory a bit so to prevent this unnecessary marathon running on the stairs that would be good...

But, I had a day dream yesterday about last summer when I was walking very slowly out at the back of the hospital. I was walking and struggling to get there, while leaning on a wheelchair. It's amazing that that was me. I mean, it's not the me I am now, but it was still me. At the moment, I find hard to remember moments like that, as it feels like I've always been this well, but in fact just 17months ago I wasn't. Funny how the mind selects memories. :)

And that's your catch up for today ;-)