Saturday, November 17, 2007

I *heart* bed part deux

I don't know if 'deux' is two or twelve, anyway it's part two.

Our group worked for six hours yesterday getting our project started and finished. Six LONG hours.

We had presentations today, which would be okay if we weren't doing them for the slide-show presentation POLICE!! I'm actually not joking. (Honestly, I must paste some of the hilarious 'tips' here some time) I have the uncanny ability to yabber on about whatever the given topic is, but knowing that every single gesture is being monitored can be slightly off putting. In the long run it's great for improving our techniques and helping us to be world class presenters that we have wanted to not be all our lives.

So our group decided to meet at 10ish am this morning to get some practise in. At 9.20 I'm struggling to find the will to get out of bed. I'm just soooooooo tired. Eventually I digress and roll out of bed and into the bathroom. My eyes are still weighed down like anchors...but the group needs me!! I stroll out of the bathroom, begin getting dressed and hear a little beep on my phone. I glance at it - "SIX NEW MESSAGES"!!!!!

Omg! My first thought is that someone has webtexted me a few times for a joke, or worse, I got the times wrong and I should have been in an hour ago. I mean how did something so big happen in the five minutes I was away from my phone??

Puzzled I click to read them, and all that flashes before me is "They're off; It's cancelled; Presentations NOT on". I don't know whether to cry or laugh; scream or jump for joy.

Six New Messages - A message for every hour of work we put in. I went into college anyway and did work on my other assignments, came home, crashed in bed and slept for seven hours. Is it clear that I *heart* my bed??