Friday, November 02, 2007

HORROR/DRAMA: Where are the Gardai when you need them

I had my driving Pre-Test today - basically a test of my driving without it counting for anything. Any sentence with the word 'test' in it has shivers running down my spine, so despite the fact that this was a meaningless experience I was still very nervous. Hay-elll(!) I even used to be ashamed of my low lung function results, raised white blood cell count or poor diabetes readings- even though I couldn't help that!

Anyway my Pre-Test was at 5pm, up where McGowan's is (or 'RJ's' as it's known now!) so I had the day to prepare. Yes I'm sad. In seriousness though, the car needed a good tidy.

As 4pm approached, my sister asked for a lift down to Stillorgan (other direction to McGowan's but by no means out of the way); I happily obliged. At 4.10pm, having dropped my sister at her location, I noted I still had ample time, and perhaps I would go home and tidy the car and put the rubbish into a specially acquired rubbish bag I had found.

And then, I spotted the library. I don't know WHAT came over me, but I decided to pop in. I've never 'popped' into a library in my life (or in the years my Mum has stopped forcing me anyway) but today, I thought I would. - Never again, I might add.

An explanation about the library in Stillorgan: It's a little prefab building with a pokey lane down to the 'carpark'.

So I slowly made my way down the lane way when a red sports-wannabe car began coming up towards me. There is only room for ONE car, and I was in the right AND I was there first. Revving his stupid engine, trying to intimidate me, he intimidated me. Sighing, I began to slowly reverse.

And THEN it happened: I BUMPED into something. There was loud sort of banging noise (I think). The sports car didn't even THANK me for moving, while I was left dreading seeing what dent I'd put into Delilah. :(

I drove down the lane way and got out to inspect the damage. I took a deep breath. And looked. But the side was on the whole clean, not a scratch. *Phew*

But, my eyes moved down, and I had to do a treble take: my wheel sat in front of my eyes, flattening at a rapid pace. My eyes darted for anyone around to help, but I was alone and the tyre was blowing out air with every second. A thousand thoughts flew in one side of my head and out the other.

I glanced at my phone: it was 4.13pm and I had to be on the other side of Dundrum (about 25minute drive minimum in rush hour traffic) by 5pm - for my €40 Pre-Test, with a driveable car....

To be continued...

This pic makes the laneway look a LOT wider then it is. The reality is a very different one: