Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Excuse the Excuses that excuse the excuses that...

I'm on a 'reading' week this week, which is a week they give off to students in our college; a midterm if you will. It's aimed at the 3rd and 4th years to prepare their thesis' and plan their research stuff, but sure if they're not in, then why should the lecturers come in to teach us??! ...Blah I'm not complaining!

Tonight our parish held a Table Quiz in aid of an orphanage in Haiti. It was really very successful, but I'm thrilled for it to be over! I'm not sure what the final count is, as I was marking papers all night, but I've heard on the grapevine it's a pretty tidy sum! I've been spending the last few days/weeks worrying working on that so yay for overnessness.

Tomorrow is Halloween, I have no memory of what I usually do, and as usual I'm not sure what I'll do this year. We had our Halloween ball last week, where I went as an escaped convict in an orange jumpsuit. I had to be an 'escaped' because I'm sure a paroled convict wouldn't wear the jumpsuit. Someone commented that I'm the least likly convict EVER, which I'll take as a compliment. I think it could have been the fake 'anchor' tattoo on my arm and the High School Musical dogtag that made it a little less believable.

And is anyone else rather relieved about the new postponed drivers' law?? For anyone not in the know, they changed the law from today, that anyone on a provisional licence caught driving alone (guilty) would be stopped and fined! My Dad panicked (even though I asked him for an employer's note to skip the queue MONTHS ago) and explained I couldn't get to college without my car so needed the test post-haste! (Well unless I used the reliable 75 bus...). But turns out they're postponing the law until June, because too many people complained or something. Ha!

But the bit they didn't change: If I am accompanied by a fully licenced driver who is over the limit (glug glug glug) then, if stopped, THEY get a penalty point for being over the limit!! Only in Ireland!

Drunkard: Oh..I'm over zeh limshit (they slur their words see)...I need to geh a lifff hommme.. Oh no, I'll get a penaly pointtt (maintain their ability to think)...I'll be safer driving myself!!