Sunday, October 28, 2007

Bank Holiday Blehs

In case anyone doesn't realise: Gardaí are the police or the 'cops' ;)

Today is one of my favourite days of the year, because it's the one where the clocks go back so we all get an extra hour in bed. Whether they're going back an hour or back to the original hour is confusing - at what time of year did the 'clock' thing start anyway? It was probably some guy who was always late everywhere he went so one particularly bad day he decided to give himself an extra hour. I wish I was in control of time...

Today was a very fussy day for me. I am on a board for a charity and we are organising a table quiz at the moment. I can't wait until the thing is over to be honest. This morning I was in Dundrum and as I was leaving to walk home I notice it's weeing with rain. I live up the hill from the centre so I figure I'd just risk it.

I was doing fine, but the rain was getting progressively worse. I was almost home, but still walking on the main road and passing all the depressed cars which were sitting in traffic. I saw a group of people running on the other side of the road, and asked myself why I wasn't running; I'd get home faster after all.

So I ran...and I made it no more then 10 steps when the following things happened:

1. My left ipod earphone fell out.
2. My right ipod earphone fell out.
3. My shopping bag swung out in front of me
4. My shopping bag suddenly felt lighter
5. My shopping bag had snapped.
6. My shopping went everywhere.

Damn paper bags!! For anyone who cares, the contents of the bag contained four boxes of chocolates and two bras!! In my bustle to pick everything up again (my boxes of chocolates went in four separate directions), I ended up looking, quite frankly, like an idiot. The hangers were still on the bras, and the whole thing was a mess. And it was raining harder then ever.

I was so close to home, why did I have to start running. I didn't have the heart to look at the cars; I knew the truth, they'd all seen. No Gardaí though.