Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Garda Updates!!!

Things always come in threes...and fours...and fives...basically more then one! I've always complained nothing exciting ever happens to me, and now suddenly, it's happening ALL AROUND ME! This is GREAT!!! very interesting.

Today while driving, I see sirens yet again. There were approximately four or five cars stopped on the other side (it's always the OTHER side) of the road, with about 6 gardai standing in deep conversation about something. Sadly the traffic and distance proved too much to over hear exactly what they were discussing. It was noted there were no layman's cars about...except the ones speeding(!!) by. As I waited for my filter to go green, it was observed that another sirened car pulled up, and another policeman joined the huddle. My light went green too quickly.

Then driving down the road, a firetruck came up towards the junction, heading in the direction of aforementioned gardai. Sirens and all. If only I wasn't late for my lecture!!

THEN TONIGHT, I was simply going out to move my car for my Dad as it was in the way. As I did so, I noticed a learner car come on to my road; a black car followed. All of a sudden the black car turned on blue sirens. I presumed they were going to zoom off, but no, they were pulling over the learner!!! Talk about great timing on my part. There was only so much maneuvering I could do with my car when I had to resign to the fact that I had to go inside.

BUT, thank God for windows! The two plain clothes police were examining the licence plate and the driver with torches and all. In the end the crying driver was given a slip of paper. I can only assume she was caught speeding or breaking a red light when she was spotted. You can't say she didn't deserve it! To make matters worse: She cut out trying to drive off! Yikes, How embarrassing!