Friday, November 02, 2007


I got my actual Driving Test for the morning!!!...But I declined. Not quite ready just yet! But should get another call within the next 2weeks - eeek!

Continuing from yesterday: If you've ever been in a panicked situation, your thoughts fly through your head about as fast as your heart beats.
I locked the car and went on foot, recalling the 'Motor Shop' I had seen just before the lane way. I had walked a few yards and then turned on my heel and headed back to my car: time was of the essence, and getting someone to come back to my car would take time.

I examined the botched wheel carefully, and noted that this was no puncture; this was an incurable, terminal, dead, flat, slashed tyre. I had heard 'never, ever drive on a flat' and I remembered from a few months ago when G-raze got a flat, she just pulled over and stayed there. I didn't have the luxury of time or options. I decided to risk it.

My intention was to simply drive up around the corner to the 'Motor Shop' and stop there, but upon reaching the 'Motor Shop' I see that there are no spaces. I knew there was a petrol station about a half mile away, on the dual carriage way, someone there would help me. It was time for another split second decision. (May I point out that this wheel was definitely unrepairable!) So again, I risked it.

While driving, I mentally scanned through my phone book trying to think of who I could call...who would be of use! EILEEN and Helen were in the cinema, but how much use they'd have been anyway is debatable. My brother was another option, but he was in work, and so far away! I then rang my Mum, who was also in work and had her phone switched off - I left her a message. Ahem.

Naturally I drove as fast and recklessly as I could in order to get there quickly. I noticed no pull on the wheel and there was no dragging sensation so I was ok!

It was only when I reached the petrol station, I realised that the people who worked there were merely cashiers. It would make too much sense to have someone working there who KNEW something about cars!

At this point I called my Dad, explained my predicament, told him about the €40 PreTest and listened as he sighed. He began the process of calling the Driving School and cancelling the test and trying to get another time. In the meantime I went out, opened the boot and looked at my various paraphernalia that looked familiar from G-raze's tyre incident. Sadly I was too weak to lift the spare tyre out!

I looked at my phone, it was 4.25pm and my test was at 5pm...a good 25minute drive away at least. This was not looking good.

At that point a man emerged from the station shop with a coffee in hand and went to the car beside mine. He smiled and asked if I knew what I was doing....4.26pm...

To Be Continued...