Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Today I ate nothing. My Mum made me a scrambled egg with loads of butter and put it on toast for me for breakfast to get some protein into me. I couldn't really taste it and with a dramatically blocked nose I felt a bit nauseas. So I swallowed some and then left it. And I didn't eat a single thing all day after that. I didn't feel hungry but my taste buds were looking for something intermitadly. I kept asking myself How did I do this my whole life (before transplant)? Of course I was being fed 3000 calories over night every night so I was satisfied before I woke up anyway, but still. I can't imagine ever going back to that now.

My cold thing is developing so rapidly, it's almost reassuring. My throat pain came on on Sunday and got progressivly worse within hours. Tonight that pain has almost gone, and the sinuses pains are reduced to just a blocked nose really. I think if the "infection" were more sinister, I wouldn't have such textbook 'headcold' symptoms, so quickly. I have loaded up on Vitiman C tablets, Strepsyls, Vicks Nasal thing, Nasonex and paracetemol. I wanted to take Sudafed as well but I didn't hear back from the hospital as to whether I could take that. I will take that as a no.

My prediction: I will be bouncing by Friday. Of course I will finish out my two week course of smarties antibiotics for the chest infection that I don't have, because I don't want to end up on IVs for that nasty chest infection, that I don't have.