Tuesday, October 02, 2007


Red book blog updated...

I took a day off college today and went to the hospital. The clinic results are both positive and annoying - but then again I find reason to complain about most things so there you go.

My lung functions are back up to 2.96 (which I think is about 95%ish) which is a relief! But my throat is still sore, so the doctor put me on two weeks ciproxin oral antibiotics. This will be my seventh and eighth week of antibiotics now. I sat him down (!) and calmly told him that the last two times, these were about as good as taking smarties. He didn't listen, or he didn't understand me, or I didn't understand him. He said if I didn't want these then I'd be on IVs (yikes), but I told him I didn't have a chest infection so didn't need IVs which he agreed with(?!?). I was, and still am puzzled. ALL I NEED IS SOMETHING FOR MY THROAT. Ugh. Miscommunication is the zest of life I feel.

I've to go back in two weeks where they will review me and try to take my blood again. We got two mils today and that took three tries. My veins were playing up, as the nurse who tried is usually quite good. Maybe I was annoying her too much. I have a tendency to fuss a little bit. And she did say I was fussing a little bit. And then she asked me was it "just needles I have a fear of"...hmmm. We sent that two mils off for a full blood count, meaning my immuno suppression bloods will just have to wait. Tough.

And then I got home at 1.45pm, my next class was at 2pm, but I hadn't had lunch, I was sneezing all over the place so I said 'Sure efck it, I'll get lunch with my bro' and off we set to MacDonald's. And we both lived happily ever after...until the guy in MacD's told me they were out of Icecream. Poor guy. I bet he regrets living now...

...I joke, I joke.