Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Time flies...

...it does actually. I had a nice post written yesterday, but I need to fix it a bit to make sure I'm as diplomatic as I can be. It'll probably be posted next year at the rate I'm moving.

I did physiotherapy for the first time in over a year tonight as I'm feeling chesty. It was a weird sensation as *gross warning, gross warning* what was coming out was very much infected and reminded me so much of my old infected, ravaged lungs. The difference was though, that I was not rendered breathless and sleepy after doing one round of it. The volume there wasn't as much as I thought so I only needed to do three rounds (auto-genic drainage for those in the know) but worryingly it was rather not-so-nice looking...

I visited my local pharmacy to see if they had any suggestions for my blocked sinuses (available over the counter) but apart from sticking a syringe of saline up my nose, which I am already doing, there's not much help there. I was hoping to get some sort of salty spray, but she reckons I should ring my team and get them to prescribe me something stronger. She was a bit confused at the Ciproxin talk too - I'm not so insane after all!

I actually called up to my proper pharmacy (the one where I 'worked') but there were six people working there all in a state of confusion. Yes, SIX people. They were trying to sort out pricing and stock. As I stood there, I was praying they wouldn't realise who I was. I kept going towards the door to "check on my car". When the pharmacists made a mistake on my payment (they charged me, when I'm actually a freebie) they had to go and fix it which did two things a) drew attention to me and b) meant I was standing there even longer. I tried to act like a 'normal' customer, and in between 'checking on my car' I wandered around as though entering the pharmacy for the first time, looking a bit lost at times. I didn't want to over do it - the place is about the size of a bathroom - and also didn't want offers of help. I think I got the balance about right.

Once I had my anti-rejection medications sorted and having received them free (I'm shocked that any transplant patient in the UK or US or anywhere has to fork out for them by the way), I legged it. I needed advice from the pharmacist about sinus rinses, but at the risk of exposing who I was, I thought better of doing that. Hence the going to my other local pharmacy.

My other local pharmacy is actually lovely, and I almost prefer it to my own. Plus it's 5 minutes down the road. But I think I'll stick it out where I am as my own pharmacy is probably helped by my 20 or so regular medications that I'm on.