Sunday, October 07, 2007

Jac: Great to hear from you, sorry to hear you haven't been the May West of late - get well really soon. And if they don't let you home on Monday, have you tried stealing a load of sheets, tieing them together and escaping out the window? Just a thought....

Fruit And Fibre King: Hope Vietnam is swell! I don't know why you'd go so far around the world for a good time, when the best party in the world is right our house! Enjoy the night on the boat. Hope you can source some Fruit & Fibre there!

Yesterday I went for a long walk. Sandy (the king dog of the house) wanted bringing. I said I would, but we were going to walk at my pace. It may have resulted in the dog nearly choking himself, but he's still alive this morning, so that's a good sign. I think the walk was nearly 2 miles which wasn't half bad. And in that near 2 miles he only stopped to 'go' once. Once is enough for me though, because he doesn't 'go' like a normal dog - he pulls this stupid face while he does it, and he takes forever. *Embarrasing*

Since getting my car, my exercise has gone down the pan; I simply don't. It's awful because I really should, these lungs are a gift, I didn't get them so I could sit and drive everywhere!