Sunday, September 16, 2007

Puffy Work!

Yesterday I worked. It was as busy as usual, meaning we had hardly anyone in. Except those thieves who robbed us!! I have to go in on Monday and report that.

While working, my calves and ankles began to swell, indicating I was retaining fluid. I tried putting them up but to no avail, they were massive! This went on all day.

Later that night, I began to feel tired and fed up, kind of a 'non feeling', or 'wan' as I like to say. Worst of all, I felt exhausted and had no appetite. My Mum rang the hospital for me (because I begged her to - me not wanting to answer a million questions!). They asked all sorts of questions, logged my call. They said by sounds of things, the fluid hadn't moved to my lungs (which is obviously good news!) and told us to ring this morning.

At 8.30pm I went to bed. I got up to take my 10pm medications and went back to sleep. This morning I got up at 10am, and suffice is to say, I feel fine again. And my ankles are normal again!

My big foot when I had my transplant in Newcastle. This happens everyone in the few days following transplants. But, it's not supposed to happen after that!! ....Don't ask about the dog...