Friday, September 14, 2007

Busy bee...

Apologies. I started college (uni) on Wednesday and have found the whole thing very alien to me. As in, I'm not used to having to be active for more then an hour at a time so as a result, I've been rather pooped. Anyway, college is good fun, the year is considerably smaller this year then the first time I was there, but the people are all lovely. Being the quiet and timid wallflower that I am, I stayed in the corner and sourced out potential enemies. I joke. Really, I do.

I fear that my chest infection is rearing its ugly little infected head again so I'm working hard to get that under control, otherwise I will be back to counting down days on IVs again, and we all know we don't want to resort to that.

So I thought I would post pictures, mostly of my arms for you to go 'ooooh' and 'awwww' at. A lazy, cop out photo marathon blog if you will!!

Day one: "The Glory Days"...That's my gravity drip in the hospital. I didn't get the luxury of a stand when I got home, but was demoted to using coat hangers.

Day one, Dose one: That's my beautiful arm, working harmoniously with my precious antibiotics.... what a turncoat that vein turned out to be!

Day... something or other: Something wasn't quite looking right... tantrum swelling beginning to show!

Eeeeek, no, something definitely wrong! I might add at this point, my Dad remarked "Well... there's nothing reallly wrong...As long as it's going in, that's the main thing!" WRONG WRONG WRONG and WRONG!!

The aftermath! And my dog's behind - he wanted no part in having his photo taken.

And this was me forcing my dog to have his photo taken. I don't think he was keen on the camera flash! Not revenge at all....