Monday, September 10, 2007

Hands up. Who did it. I know someone said something, or remarked in some way, or just generally let slip a word of praise for my little Freddie. And when I find out who did, I shall chase you down the road like a crazed maniac aiming a big fat needle at your head.

It's gone. Ka-booom. No more. So I'm finished counting down doses. Good day!... I mean I still have eight doses to count down, but I'm not going to. When I arrive home from clinic tomorrow morning, new Canula hopefully in place I shall not make any mention to it.

Tonight I went babysitting. It was fine. I just sat on my behind, watched their splendidly large televsion, munching their food, keeping the door shut telling the children to be quiet while they ran around with scissors, skipped down the stairs holding knitting needles and then played with matches. It's a hard life. Especially when the six year old calls you bossy! Me?!?

BY THE BY: This was not the 'mature post that I feel is important to read' that I said would come today. I hadn't banked on Freddy going *pop*.