Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Well *this* has never happened before. I said yesterday I shall stop counting down to the end of my IV treatment. And a promise is a promise - We have decided to abort the IVs. ABORT MISSION IVs!! Ha!

My veins have, quite simply, had enough of playing ball (or attempting to). They've had enough of the IVs, the doctors have had enough of the veins, and I've had enough of doctors, veins and IVs. ....So we're not finishing the course out. Hey, 12 doses is better then no doses.

AND I was the last out of the clinic (that's including the staff members), a clinic I wasn't even attending! Still, I got a year's worth of sympathetic smiles.

I will post the 'mature' blog later. As I really, really feel it's important to be read. (Is that grammatically correct, "to be read"..?)