Thursday, August 30, 2007

Random observations:

Neighbours (the programme): I've never been to prison (I'm a good girl), and would surely hope I'll never have to go, so therefore cannot really comment on how those places are run, BUT, I am almost certain if ever I were sent, it would not be to the same place as Skye Mangel went. Hers was like a drop in centre, with Harold and Lou and Toadie, her lawyer, coming in and out like it was a café kitchen or something! I always thought those places had visiting hours (or days), not "Skye, ya feemilys he-aah ta see ya" every 10 minutes. What sort of a lesson would that teach a no good-doer??

Airlingus: While browsing on their website, I clicked "special requests". Always one to try and get something more for my money, I followed the link, only to find it was just detailing the various special meals they offer on board. Among those listed were Diabetic meal, Gluten Free meal, Hindu meal, Vegan Vegetarian meal, Asian Vegetarian meal, Lacto/Ovo Vegetarian meal, all very interesting I'm sure. And what do I see, among all these 'special meals'???

Bland meal. Bland meal??? How is that special? How is that any different to what they give you anyway? More to the point, imagine requesting the 'bland meal please' for your dinner. "No, no, I can't eat *this*, I specially requested the bland meal!"

High School Musical 2: Two bags of buttered microwaved popcorn and some Diet Coke later, I finished watching High School Musical 2. Definitely rather disappointing. In the first film "Get your head in the game" was a very popular song and it would seem the creators of HSM2 are trying to recreate that, but with every. single. song. Then the solos they handed out are like pop songs, and don't get me started on Zac Effron's solo, or video for it. They should warn people that too much cheese these days is bad for you.

YouTube: How do you save videos to your computer? Anyone??