Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Becky: Yes, Hairspray is fantastic... read on for a partial review!

Most of you will know I'm a huge, massive, fan of High School Musical (the Disney film that launched Zac Effron, who now stars in Hairspray). I mean, I could probably stand up and recite the whole film I like it that much. But I'd have to leave out the singing parts, as I can't sing. Anyway, considering I thought HSM was so good, I figured HSM 2 would be even better. But sadly it was not. Well, I haven't finished watching it yet, but I can already tell. There are no catchy songs in it, Troy (Zac Effron) has become way too cocky, both in character and in acting. The huge dancing numbers are gone, to be replaced with smaller sets, with Troy doing some repetitive "break dance" numbers at the front. Gabriella still has an annoying voice, but is less geeky. It's just all wrong. I think the new writers should have taken the advice from the first film: STICK TO THE STATUS QUO. Hmm.

Anyway, Becky, back to Hairspray. I thought this film would be good, but second to HSM1. I didn't want to like it, for the simple reason that everyone else seemed to love it. After all, nothing could ever top my High School Musical.

And then I went into the cinema, missed the first song (yes, I was one of those really annoying make-everybody-move late comers) and sat down, counting down the time until I could get out. I laughed (grumbled) along with the rest of the audience at some of the jokes. I tapped my foot lightly to make it seem to everyone else that I thought this was fantastic. And then, slowly, it seemed to get better. I began to actually get into the film. It wasn't as bad as I feared, in fact it was rather good, and funny, and... good. Before I knew it I was singing along (ignoring the fact that I can't exactly sing) to songs I hadn't heard before (which is always a good sign) and my spirits were lifting.

John Travolta plays the mother, which to me spelled disaster. But funnily enough, he actually made it work. He wasn't a man in drag, he was a funny lady!

So hayle, I emerged from the cinema feeling really good and upbeat!! And then rumour got around that I may have liked the film, and the Hairspray fanatics cult club in the office where I used to work got word and now we're all going to see it again tomorrow. (If I'm not back by 11pm, can someone please call the police!)