Friday, August 31, 2007

I am no longer blonde!...Well from a physical point of view that is. I've always had "fair" hair, which I pushed into blond since I was 15. So to have absolutely no blonde whatsoever is strange- plus with added fringe, it looks like I'm wearing a wig when I look in the mirror.

They tried to Pob me (which is the "posh spice" bob for anyone not down with the lingo) but I resisted. They pushed and nagged but I said no. It would have looked fantastic today but by Monday, it would be one big, fuzzy, MC Hammer afro.

So this morning, I got up early, "dashed" over to the Mater to give a lovely little sample (from my lungs) for their labs. We need to find a good method of clearing this pesky chest infection once and for all. The place was dead, with nobody about so I went on through to the transplant ward which sits off their clinic. Thankfully I've never had any reason to be a resident in there (I had my transplant in the UK), so know nobody at all, but they seem lovely and were ever so helpful.

Two hours later I arrived and then went down to the hairdressers. I am no longer blonde!... At this point, you can go to the top of this blog entry and start reading again. It's kind of a go-around-in-a-circle blog.