Saturday, September 01, 2007

*Yawn* I worked today *Yawn*

I also developed puffy legs and ankles, which is a bit of a puzzling sign. I'm also wrecked which is another puzzling sign. It's Saturday, 9.30pm, I'm going to ring the Mater transplant ward, tell them that I have poofed up legs, and then I will go to sleep. Puzzling indeed.

EDIT: I lied/changed my mind. I didn't ring the ward, I got back out of bed having spent the evening in. I went downstairs and watched a documentry on the World Trade Centre attacks. Well I did want something to cheer me up after all. But jokes aside, it was an amazingly powerful documentry, filmed by two French brothers who were documenting life at a fire station in New York, and in particular, a "rookie" fireman. It was just unbelivable.

Where does six years go?