Friday, August 03, 2007

Question: Anyone know what/where this is?:

Answer: This is Nicolson's Café in Edinburgh. I was in here last week when I visited the city for the transplant games (Jac I welcome next year when you will be on the Freeman team!). While having a diet coca cola sophisticated moca frappa coca something coffee WITH latte, reminiscing about my weekend, the thought struck me. These characters just *popped* into my head. I could see them forming before my very eyes. I was on to a winner here. I grabbed my little jotter and pen that I keep handy and began to write, feverishly scribbling down my ideas before they evaporated.

I've always thought about writing a book, but have always been too lazy. Far too lazy. But this was different. I had a girl, a story, a background, a whole other world created within minutes. Her name would be Harriet. She would be special, a different kind of girl. She'd have a big ugly scar on her head from where she had had life saving surgery. I'd give her two friends...Herman and Don. Yes, the three of them would go off on little adventures. They would meet at school....yes school, a school called....Higwirts! Yes, how perfect. It would be a different type of school, not like a 'special' school for people with learning difficulties, but rather they'd teach different lessons, like learn how to pull rabbits from hats, and card tricks. A fun school!

But then, to make it a bit more serious, I'd put a frenzied killer into the story who escaped and went on the loose. One who wanted to kidnap the little girl Harriet and torture her and her friends Herman and Don. And then eventually the stalker maniac would try and kill her...and they'd have a 'magic-off'. Whoever could do the best tricks would survive.

Anyway, just as I was preparing to create a pseudonym for myself to publish the book (I was thinking J K Tumbling), just as I had the titles all ready, imagining what I would do with the squillians of money I'd make, and just as I was about to pay for my drink I saw it. A plaque.

Seems some woman did the same thing about 15 years ago. Haven't heard much from her since so you never know, may be hope for me yet! Look for Harriet Rotter on shelves next year!